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The Microfluidics Mf Model M7250 10 Microfluidizer Purchased 2020 New In Box Nib is an afforable machine providing the best medical performance, automated workflow and an improved system design. The robust platform on the Microfluidics Mf Model M7250 10 Microfluidizer Purchased 2020 New In Box Nib supports a complete complement of imaging options dedicated to Obstetrics and Gynecology, with an upgradeable architecture designed to grow with your practice as needs evolve. 4D imaging technology provides a complete 3D/4D solution for Gynecologists. The technology delivers up-to-date, intuitive system and advanced acquisition, data rendering and post-processing functionality for trans-abdominal exams.

Microfluidics Mf Model M7250 10 Microfluidizer Purchased 2020 New In Box Nib Review

This turn-key and complete Microfluidics Microfluidizer was purchased new in January, 2020 and is unopened and in original packaging. Our manufacturing process changed and we no longer need it, so it was never un-crated.

7250-10 Package A. Microfluidizer® Processor with one (1) ceramic MultiSlotted interaction chamber (MCIXC) and one (1) single slot ceramic auxiliary processing module (CAPM) set


-             Operating pressure range to 10,000 psi

-             Nominal flow rate: Nominal flow rate: 9.5 to 12.0 lpm at 10,000 psi (flow rates are approximate, based upon water. Actual flow rate will depend on operating pressure, product characteristics, motor frequency and chamber selection

-             Dimensions: (L x W x H) 71" x 31" x 57" (approximate) (180 x 79 x 145 cm)

-             Weight: 2300 lbs. (1035 kg.); 2050 lbs. (923 kg.) without oil

Below is an extract of the invoice and corresponding quotation for details . Local pickup is available, or we can work with you to arrange freight.Please contact me if you have any questions.


Quantity x Description


2 x 805.00256 DIXC ASSY H10Z-18 .75DIAMOND M7250-0094

2 x 807C.00065 CAPM T260Z M7250-0094

1 x 90.10797 ULTRA CLEAN IN PLACE M7250-0094

2 x 701.20016-VC2 TEMP SENSORS M7250-0094

1 x 90.10799 FEED PUMP & STRAINER ASSY M7250-0094

1 x 90.10798 HEAT EXCHANGER M7250-0094

1 x 1.3110C1PH TRANSDUCER CALIB 0-30K MODEL M7250-0094

1 x 40.11946 M700.TOUCH M7250-0094


1 x MF S&H SHIPPING & HANDLING M7250-0094  

QUOTATIONID# Description 7250-10 Package AMicrofluidizer® Processor with one (1) ceramic MultiSlotted interactionchamber (MCIXC) and one (1) single slot ceramic auxiliary processingmodule (CAPM) setSpecifications- Operating pressure range to 10,000 psi- Nominal flow rate: Nominal flow rate: 9.5 to 12.0 lpm at 10,000 psi (flow rates are approximate, based upon water. Actual flow rate will depend onoperating pressure, product characteristics, motor frequency and chamber selection- Dimensions: (L x W x H) 71" x 31" x 57" (approximate) (180 x 79 x 145 cm)- Weight: 2300 lbs. (1035 kg.); 2050 lbs. (923 kg.) without oil- NOTE: Some options may change overall dimensions and weight of the machine as noted in option descriptionStandard features include- Process piping, 316 stainless steel- Two single acting hydraulic intensifier pumps, synchronous operation- 50 horsepower electric motor: 230/460V, 3Ph, 60 Hz, TEFC (motor starter by customer)- Cycling controls are pneumatically actuated (requires 1 SCFM @ 50 psi, 0-35F dew point)- Manual controls for pressure setting and intensifier on/off- UHMWPE high pressure seals (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene)- Seal back-up rings are bronze. Other materials are available upon request.- Standard gasket & o.ring material is Viton. Other material is available on request.- Mechanical gauges for product feed pressure, product process pressure and hydraulic drive pressure- Hydraulic oil level and temperature sight gauge- Hydraulic oil level and temperature sensing switch- Thermostat control valve for hydraulic oil cooling water (water drainage required)- Adjustable leveling legs on the frame- One feed line manifolded to both intensifier pumps- Output manifolded to one output connection on multiple chambered units- Stainless steel frame and enclosure- All required special tools- APM replacement coupling- Seal Quench (Solvent or Aqueous) Drainage required- Spare parts package- Noise level less than or equal to 85 dBAEng. # Option Description for 7250-10 Price Quantity Ext. Price20.2041 Hydraulic Oil**- 5 gallon pail of hydraulic oil- Filtered to 10 microns7701.10465 Dual Product Outlet Heat Exchangers- Dual heat exchanger for M7250-10, M7250-20 and M7250-30- Tube and Shell design- Piped for series flow- 1.5" TC outlet flange connection- Recommended with 2 or 4 chamber sets.1701.13078-01 Sanitary Flush Diaphragm Pressure TransducerSanitary flush diaphragm pressure transducer and digital readout manufactured with NIST traceablecalibration.- NOTES:- Pressure transducer and digital readout are not rated for hazardous areas.1802.12163-02 Temperature Indicators, Dual, Retransmission, No AmericaTwo (2) temperature indicators with retransmission (for use with 701.10043, 701.10043-x,801.14159, 60.2553 or 501.00042 type T thermocouple and all RTD options).- Digital readout is not autoclavable and must be located in a non-hazardous area. Must bewired through an intrinsically safe barrier if wired into a hazardous rated area.- Includes North American (120VAC/1PH) power cord.1701.10043-V Product Temperature Sensor - Viton Gasket- One type T thermocouple using a 1" viton Smart Gasket with Triclamp on low pressure infeedand exit piping to monitor product temperature.- Mounted at M700 machine inlet or exit and on infeed of laboratory models with a stainlesssteel feed reservoir (stainless steel reservoirs are optional on models M110P, M110PS, M110P-20, M110P-20S, M110S and M110L).- Gasket is USP Class VI rated for Biopharmaceutical piping systems Hazardous rated areas require it to be wired to an intrinsically safe barrier.- Order a single or dual display option (PN 802.12163 or 802.12163-x) separately.Shipping Services Shipping ServicesAs applicable to destination: shipping costs, customs clearance, duty, delivery and insurance.See Notes section below for more details regarding Services terms, if any.1Startup training700 IndStart-up and Operator TrainingTwo days (8 hours/day) start-up and training by factory personnel- Does not include expenses for travel and living which must be ordered separately as PN99.0373.- Additional time billed in hourly increments @ $200 USD/hour.190.10479 Seal Quench Self Contained SystemSeal quench system to recirculate quench fluid in a continuous mode including:- Fluid reservoir with sight gage mounted on machine end- Pneumatically driven feed pump with regulator, mounted on machine end- All connection tubing and control valves- Adds 20cm (8") to length of machine1701.13914-02 Product Feed Pump and Strainer for M7250 - 10 & -20 with UCIPProduct feed pump (air powered, double diaphragm)and product strainer mounted on bracketattached to M7250-10 or 7250-20- Includes air regulator, gauge and 12 foot air hose.- UCIP option PN 701.13899-02 MUST be purchased with this option1701.13899-02 Ultra Clean In Place with Ball Valves for Medium Pressure PipingUCIP bypass piping for high velocity cleaning of the pipes and product heat exchangerdownstream of chamber set- Used on M7250-10 and M7250-20 systems- Switching is done through 3 way ball valves199.0373 Travel and Living Expenses- Direct reimbursement for customary and normal transportation and living expenses- Billed separately after travel has occurred.- Not to exceed $1,500 without prior approval from customer.- See options 99.0450, SAT, IQOQ exc, startup training 700 IND, xxxxx.PREVMNT andxxxxx.PREVMNT.EMEA for service labor charges, ordered separately.1M700.TOUCHHMI Touch Screen, 7HMI color display for operator interface.- Controls basic machine functions of Start/Stop of Motor Starter.- Process pressure control adjustment.- Alarm indicators for, Low Hydraulic Oil Level, High Hydraulic Oil Temperature, Low AirPressure, and Emergency Stop.- Warning indicator, for: Clogged Hydraulic Oil Filter.- Mounted in NEMA 4X SS enclosure- Requires 110-220V/1Ph/50-60 Hz input power by customer.- Rotary disconnect included.- Multi-language selectable.1- Customer selectable units for below pressure. transducer.- Not rated for hazardous area usage.Notes- **(Option 20.2041) 5 gallon pail of hydraulic oil, prefiltered to 10 microns. (Order quantity of 7)**Spare And Replacement Chamber PricingDescription Price Quantity Ext. PriceSAFEPARTS.M725010-V - Parts we recommend to be held on-site to maximize machine availability. -Recommended quantities will be based on customer declared duty cycle use of Microfluidizer Processorand final machine design. - Microfluidics reserves the right to modify which parts are stocked inWaterloo, ON, Canada - Microfluidics is not responsible for availability of parts not stocked in Waterloo,ON, Canada - NOTE: DOES NOT INCLUDE INTERACTION CHAMBERS OR AUXILIARY PROCESSINGMODULES. PRICE IS AN ESTIMATE.1Motor Starter Panel - 37 kw (50 hp)NEMA 4X IP55 with the following:- May be located outside the process suite. Installed and wired to machine by customer.- Includes NEMA 4X IP55 Operator's Start/Stop Panel, mounted on the machine. Wiring to the Motor Starter Panel bycustomer.- CE Certificate (For Europe Only)- Compatible with IEC 60204-01- Not all components are RoHS compliant- Customer must indicate power supply- 3 lines plus ground, no neutral line. Customer to confirm electrical service at time of order.- Main Power disconnect switch to be included1- 460 VAC Transformer (as needed) for low voltage power- Includes Soft Start- Main motor start on Delta, run on Delta (across the line): (a) Main motor ON interlocked to condition of Panel andMachine (b) E-Stop -each must be in their "normal" state (c) Air Pressure sensor switch (on machine) is closed- Motor stop upon: (a) Main Power disconnect switch to OFF or, (b) Operator's Start/Stop to Off or, (c) Machine EStop actuation or, (d) Low Machine Air Pressure sensor switch opens or, (e) Low Hydraulic Oil Signal or, (f) HighHydraulic Oil Temperature SignalNotes: The standard Auxiliary Processing Module used with MultiSlotted? chambers are single slot design.

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Current Price: $200,000.00

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