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The High Pressure Deburring Robotic Machinesharpertek Usa is an afforable machine providing the best medical performance, automated workflow and an improved system design. The robust platform on the High Pressure Deburring Robotic Machinesharpertek Usa supports a complete complement of imaging options dedicated to Obstetrics and Gynecology, with an upgradeable architecture designed to grow with your practice as needs evolve. 4D imaging technology provides a complete 3D/4D solution for Gynecologists. The technology delivers up-to-date, intuitive system and advanced acquisition, data rendering and post-processing functionality for trans-abdominal exams.

High Pressure Deburring Robotic Machinesharpertek Usa Review

7000 PSI High Pressure Deburr Robotic Machine

High Pressure robotic deburr machine designed to deburr metal and plastic parts from burs and clean chips burrs and dirt. The 7000 PSI Waterjet center can improve the the cleaning precision and quality of parts without the manual labor.  The machine has five axis.  The spray nozzle travels in X Y Z and Rotate.  The CNC table that holds the part can articulate the part during the spray process.

Basic Specifications;

  • Robotic High Pressure Debur at 7000 PSI
  • Nozzle traverse moving speed 40"/min
  • The wash platform is X=28" Y=20 Z=20
  • Automatic tool changer; The upper gantry can automatically select the required nozzle for precision cleaning of complex arts.   
  • The machine uses Fanuc controls to operate the servo motors.
  • Machine Weight is 6 Tons
  • Machine Size; 240" x 120" x 80"

The machine typical applications are; hydraulic valve part fuel delivery manifolds valve bodies and copious other machined parts.  The pressure is sufficient to deburr magnesium aluminum incoloy steel and other metals and plastics.

Listing expires: 2020-06-30T17:12:36.000Z

Current Price: $285,000.00

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